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Health and Wellbeing


Children's health and wellbeing are of paramount importance and we ensure we have lots of outdoor play to keep them physically active using a variety of activities and resources.

We have two wonderful outdoor play areas; both unique in their design yet equally fantastic in the experiences they provide.

Outdoor Learning Area (OLA)

Our OLA is a natural learning environment with a mud kitchen, habitat hotel and lots of natural resources to extend and develop our children's curiosity about nature and the natural world and to enhance their investigative skills.

The children use large construction materials to create large scale vehicles, castles and obstacle courses. Bug hunt lotto, bark rubbings and 'tea parties' feature highly on the children's favourite activities as do the small world activities such as the dinosaur swamp and fairy dell.

We also have a wonderful vegetable garden. Through care and nurture from our children we have produced some magnificent fruits and vegetables. We have grown, picked and eaten: podded peas, chard, yellow courgettes, carrots (orange and purple), strawberries, pumpkins and potatoes to name a few. We have planted an apple tree and are looking forward to tasting the delicious apples. Never one to miss an opportunity, when the caterpillars took a liking to our broccoli, we carefully transferred them into a tank, took care of them, and watched them change into beautiful butterflies. Our OLA provides invaluable learning opportunities for our children in such a fun and exciting way.

The Green Playground

With a soft wet pour surface, our Green playground is ideal for our children to learn how to crawl, walk, run, jump, hop, skip, balance, navigate obstacle courses (and obstacles!), negotiate space and test out new physical skills. Whilst this playground is used predominantly but not exclusively for physical play, we offer a huge variety of play opportunities to extend the children's indoor learning, outside. Other activities include: painting, sand and water play, construction, small world, role play and chalking. We have a sun sail shade to offer protection from the elements meaning that we can, and do, go outside in all weathers.


At Jolly Tots, we pride ourselves on our home cooked, healthy, balanced meals on offer throughout each day. In addition to the specific daily menus, a variety of breads, yoghurts, cheese and fruit are available. Milk or water is offered to drink. Please see the notice board in the entrance hall for the current day's menu. We also display the weekly menu to help you plan and prepare meals at home. Wherever possible, ingredients are fresh and locally sourced.
Due to the high level of nut allergies in children, we are a nut free environment. If your child has any allergies/intolerances to certain foods or you have any other special dietary requirements, these can be catered for - nothing is too much trouble!

Sample Menu

Breakfast AM Snack Lunch PM Snack Tea
Monday Cereal with milk
Apple and Pear Chase's Chicken Stroganoff with rice
Clifford's Chocolate Sponge
Pitta bread with mashed avocado and grapes Suzy Sheep's Spaghetti on Toast
Yoghurt and bananas
Tuesday Cereal with milk
Banana and orange Lightning McQueen's Lamb Stew with root vegetable mash
Mickey Mouse's Melon
Crackers with cheese spread and cucumber Mater's Mackerel Pate on toast
Yoghurt and grapes
Wednesday Cereal with milk
Melon and kiwi fruit Children's choice/family favourite
Bullseye's Biscuit
Melba toast with hummus and apple Makka Pakka's Macaroni Cheese Bake
Yoghurt and orange
Thursday Cereal with milk
Apple and pineapple Skye's Spicy Lentil Casserole with crusty bread
Jerry's Jelly
Rice cake with beetroot dip and sliced peppers Jiminy Cricket's Jacket Potato with Tuna Mayo
Yoghurt and pear
Friday Cereal with milk
Banana and melon Peter Rabbit's Pasta Primavera with garlic bread
Sulley's Semolina with Sprinkles
Breadsticks and dip with sliced pear Bugs Bunny's Bean Fajitas
Yoghurt and kiwi frui